Coherent Genesis 532 nm 1 Watt lasers

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Coherent Genesis 532 nm 1 Watt lasers

Post by 142laser » Fri Mar 04, 2022 1:02 pm

Sam has just tuned and tested a few Coherent Genesis 532-1000-SM laser systems, and they are ready for use. These lasers are designed to run single frequency. Here is a link to the data sheet: ... 0517_3.pdf

These lasers require a trickle of tap water for cooling or a small chiller (not included) like an OASIS 150. A slow flow of tap water is fine. The laser will include a new DC power supply, software and manual copies. Sam has wired an analog input to change laser power with a DC voltage input of 0 to 5 Volts so a PC isn't really required. All the lasers are running around 11A for a watt on a 15A current limit-good diode condition. $4,500 with free shipping to the USA. 30 day exchange or money back warranty. Can also be set up and tested at say 500 mW if that is a better power level and the laser would last longer. 8-)

We have many lasers.....just ask! Phil and Sam (Sam's Laser FAQ)