Holography on Reddit

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Holography on Reddit

Post by pluto » Tue Apr 19, 2016 12:21 am

Hello all,

I recently talked to the administrator of the /r/Holography subreddit, and he agreed to give me moderator privileges.

It was previously polluted with posts about those "3D smartphone projectors" -- these are now outlawed :)

As valuable a resource as this forum is, the technology is long obsolete. Reddit has better faculties for posting and sharing media and is less likely to go down due to an inattentive system admin or otherwise.

The standard on Reddit is to upload images on imgur and videos on YouTube -- both of these help ensure that any media posted survives for as long as possible.

And most importantly, Reddit is part of a larger community of people who are there for the sole reason of finding novel and compelling content. This forum is largely hidden away from anybody who doesn't purposefully look for it. Compelling content is also often shared across multiple subreddits, which is a great opportunity to introduce new people to the concept of amateur holography.

The amount of activity on this forum is low enough that it doesn't make sense to separate the content anymore. People just want to visit a "dashboard" of sorts and see what's new -- this is largely why the holography Facebook group is so popular.

I think we should post some videos and images of our holograms to fill the space and to catch the attention of anybody just passing through. I implore you all to give this a shot -- for the future of amateur holography.

You can visit the subreddit here:


Thank you.