Introductions - Everyone please chime in!

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Introductions - Everyone please chime in!

Post by jsmith1 » Tue Nov 03, 2009 11:49 am

Hi All,
I think you’ll find this company (activ8-3d) really interesting!

They have worked in the world of 3D holograms & peppers ghost for over 15 years, providing 3D holographic projection & 3D holographic displays to a global audience!
Check out their website here:

Thanks :)

Tom B.

Introductions - Everyone please chime in!

Post by Tom B. » Sun Jul 25, 2010 7:44 am

Ed Wesly wrote:I would guess everyone here knows me to some degree, but why I am posting is that I have been reading the old Network 54 posts, and a gentleman named Holodisc had some very interesting insights. He has a link to a profile on Yahoo, Jonathon D is what he goes by, but does anyone know what became of him? Or Holodisc, could you please pop in again and tell us what you've been up to?
I vastly enjoyed Holodisc's inspired and sometime incredibly offensive rants and hope he is doing OK. Though I respect his right to anonymity, he must in turn endure our curiosity. One possible identity is Jon Dark, former chief engineer at HoloVision, also associated with McDonnell Douglas and Stellar Technologies.

Here's something from Jon Dark (assuming that it's the same person) that I thought very well said - - My sincere apologies to Jon Dark if I am mistaken about the Holodisc connection.


Introductions - Everyone please chime in!

Post by Jep » Fri Aug 13, 2010 12:01 pm

Hi, I'm-- grrr, I don't really know how to follow that. I'm an artist, I guess. Not a watercolor or holographic artist, but more a nauseatingly generic artist like "the doctor" on Dr. Who. (Or maybe that's just my ego.) At this point I'm pretty bad at revealing that my alias is this or that or that I work on this or that project, without getting all LINK! LINK! LINK! LINK! LINK!. (...and I don't mean via referencing the Matrix character's biography). So, I'll just be "Jep". It's a nice bland alias that I may or may not have anything to do with me or that I may or may not have pulled out at random for this board; I'll just leave it totally versatile for now and perhaps indefinitely, for ambiguity is marketing's kryptonite.

I'm here because I'm thinking going crazy... I just found out my LCD monitor is actually a holographic display device and the people at Best Buy didn't tell me. I just googled holographic pictures and things started intruding into my two feet of personal space, so either it's a cover up conspiracy or I swallowed the wrong hallucinogen this morning. I'm most fascinated by why the hell I didn't know about 2-D LCD higher dimensional conversion, but I'll table that in favor of some questions / discussion now that I've hallucinated up this board to help me deal... or discovered its top secret location... or something like that.

Colin Kaminski

Introductions - Everyone please chime in!

Post by Colin Kaminski » Mon Aug 16, 2010 2:01 am

An LCD contains a Holographic Optical Element. It is designed to make the display illumination even even though the light sources are not.


Introductions - Everyone please chime in!

Post by Feign » Fri Oct 08, 2010 12:52 am

So, I've just recently become interested in holography after seeing some stunning examples and have a great many wacky projects in my head at the moment. I'm most interested in the DCG process and what the limits of it might be. I'm a mechanical engineer with some background with darkroom procedures, and a whole lot of time with mixing up weird chemistry projects. I was shocked to find out that I already have all the chemicals I need for DCG holography in my darkroom (If they're still good on the other hand? Not so sure), all I lack is the glass and laser... and table.

Of course I've got an enormous amount of questions, many of which I've found answers to in the archives, and others I plan on asking in their own topics. Mostly, my interest is for costuming props and pieces. I see a lot of potential for holography there that I haven't seen used.

Colin Kaminski

Introductions - Everyone please chime in!

Post by Colin Kaminski » Fri Oct 08, 2010 3:28 pm

Welcome! Large DCG gets expensive very fast. As for glass you can go to the hardware store and just by window pane and a glass cutter. Don't forget to look at for some articles gathered from the forum.

As for a laser, blue is faster, green works. A C315 is a good choice right now. The blue diodes might come together in about a year.