New summer project

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Danny Bee

New summer project

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for 2 classes im making pinhole cameras out of foamcore board, I was wondering to make the pin holes for the cameras, couldnt i use aluminim foil and a dpss laser (532) and a felt marker to make the pin holes?

New summer project

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Hi -

Pinhole cameras are fun. You're thinking of burning the hole? Did it work? (Of course be careful illuminating reflective foil...)

I learned a neat trick to check the quality of the hole. I suppose one way is shining a laser through it and looking at the pattern. Another is placing the pinhole on an overhead projector and looking at it on the screen.

There's an optimum size to the pinhole... 0,2 to 0.3 mm, according to Wikipedia: ... nhole_size.

I did a fun related project, but with a lens, for my two young boys: ... amera.html.