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Custom Wavelength SLM Sapphire Laser

Posted: Tue Sep 28, 2010 12:18 pm
by 142laser
Sam and I are selling a custom made Coherent Sapphire laser that outputs 20-200 mW at 479.5 nm. The laser comes with OEM controller and a DC power supply ready to use under computer control with RS232. This laser has less than 1K hours on it and is SLM aat all power levels even when changing power! Super stable, 200 mW capable SLM...nice, nice , NICE!
This is a custom made head so there are no labels at all-none. We are asking $4,500 for this system. This is the same size as a Sapphire 488-20 yet it outputs 10X the power-cool no? Phil, 142laser 8)