This is what this board is all about.

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This is what this board is all about.

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Let's face it, living in the internet age with holography is an advantage that our forfathers of holography never had on their side. Here we are, talking about how we can do this or that and look at what we have done.

Organized a holography group, PCG.
Pulled off a meeting of interested holographers to get together to talk about and do just holograhpy.
Created and shared ideas for making tables, plateholder, mounts, spatial filters, liquid lenses etc...
Pulled together to buy something of mutual interest for a discount (adapt screws)
Found a place to trade holograms
Found a place to get critique or a pat on the back on your holograms (gosh knows all of our families are numb to holography by this point)
Got recognition from Integraf to the point of a discount.

And found a need, a genuine need in the holgoraphic community that cannot be met, worked out that need and found a solution - DCG!

I love this place!