"Opticks" by Darran Green

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"Opticks" by Darran Green

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Here are some further details regarding the posted

Subject: Newton's "Opticks"
Format: Still-life 4x5.
Lens: Schneider Apo-Symmar f5.6 150mm.
Date recorded: 2 may 2007
Recording material: E15,2007. Emulsion made by D Green
28 April 2007.
Emulsion type: Double jet.
Exposure details: 5 minutes 45 seconds, f8 -1/3stop
Developer: Russian holographic GP2 type modified.
Prism mounted: 21 June 2007 using canada balsam.

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"Opticks" by Darran Green

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I for a long time spoke, that if the third parts of that huge (mad) money which have been spent for creating of three-layer photographic process, have been used on development a Lippmann method we would have now at all other technology of color print. But I think, that this historical mistake will be corrected, and the Lippmann method still will show, «where cancers winter»!

"Opticks" by Darran Green

Post by Sergio »

I totally agree, I think the Lippmann display is a half way between full 3D holographic posters and ordinary fluoro displays but with a very fine chromatic detail that our vision will delight, is a promising marketing system, security system, etc. Maybe a worth tentative to the marketing to verify.

By the way the double jet used by Darran is a practical way to get few microns emulsion range (you can eventually adapt your HP inkjet printer...) . I wonder if a photopolymer with modulation similar to Polaroid DMP-128 could achieve at least similar results, this emulsion were capable to record reflection holograms in a thin few microns layer with a void mechanism.