chemistry confusion

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chemistry confusion

Post by Efrazi » Wed Jun 23, 2010 9:24 am

I have a questions about chemistry buying. I want to make GP-2(3) (ГП-2(3) in russian), it contains hydroquinone, NH4SCN, phenidon etc. It is possible buy these chemicals at "Photographer formulary" e-shop. BUT, as I know, hydroquinone is dangerous for aquatic organisms, so there is a very small chance to pass custom control in Finland.
1) Does anyone have experience in buying "toxic" stuff in Europe? I need advices in buying listed stuff.
2) Is there any photo-(holo-)chemistry shops in Finland, Sweden or Norway?
3) And what about Sigma Aldrich? Is it possible to buy there any chemistry for ordinary student (if the holography is not research topic, but hobby)?
Thank you for your help! Looking forward for answers!
P.S.: if the discussion already exsists (I have not found yet), please, send me link.

Colin Kaminski

chemistry confusion

Post by Colin Kaminski » Wed Jun 23, 2010 12:27 pm

I have purchased from Sigma-Aldrich in the US. I have the packages shipped to "Kaminski Instruments" at my home address and I have never been asked any questions. Here, as long as your name is in the business title you have a lot of leeway as to making up a business name. I have used Kaminski Instruments for more than 20 years to order from places that prefer to ship to a business.