fresh air intake for lab

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fresh air intake for lab

Post by Joe Farina » Tue May 24, 2022 12:54 pm

After testing this for a while, I wanted to share this new air intake system for my lab, which is working well, in case anyone else is interested.
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A 6-inch hole was drilled through the wall to the outside, and ductwork went to the filter box:

At the end was placed a heated duct fan called a "Hotpod." ... ct_details

The Hotpod includes a thermostat. It raises the cold air (during some parts of the year) quite a bit. (Or the fan can be run without heat.) It will take some time to install this system. It needs to be wired to a dedicated 15-amp breaker, plus the thermostat needs to be placed and wired. But it has been well worth it.