Lasers Exhibition

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Sergey Vorobyov

Lasers Exhibition

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7-th International Exhibition "LIC Russia" will be at 1-4 March in Sokolniki (Moscow). There are lasers, optics and electronics in this exhibition.
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Olesya Toropova

Lasers Exhibition

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Dear All!
I want you to know that in 2007 LICRussia will be held within the framework of the RayForm+2007!

The 8th International specialized exhibition LASERS –OPTICS – ELECTRONICS will be held within the framework of the International specialized forum for ray technologies, laser, optics, electronic and mechatronics RayForm + . For the first time the Forum will be held on March, 28-31, 2006
The Forum will include the following exhibitions:RayON – 2006 development of electronic and ray technologies; application in life and scienceRayMed – 2006 rays & medicine: diagnostics, therapy, surgeryRayProm – 2006 rays in industry and techniqueRayService – 2006 service based on laser technologies; technical service for ray equipment; education and innovation.RayForm+2006 includes a scientific program dedicated to laser industry, ray technologies, mechatronics, etc. The Forum is a pivotal and large-scaled event. Electron-beam heating has a wide field of application and due to its advantages it has great prospects as well.
Over the recent decades charged particles accelerators has been applied in fields not connected with high-energy and nuclear physics, for which they had been created and developed. Synchrotron sources, free electron lasers, low and medium energy accelerators applied in medicine, research and technological centers and various industries make the world market for an amount of about $ 2 bln. a year. It is a short historical period, but within its limits the world has held a great volume of research works in the field of electronic ray technologies. So now there is a need to concentrate the efforts on increasing competitive ability of these technologies.
The objective of the international specialized forum for ray technologies, laser, optics, electronics and mechatronics RayForm+ 2006 is an incorporation of Russian and international companies concerned with engineering, manufacture and introduction of equipment and component parts for all-purpose electronic ray installations; companies ready for introduction of technologies into technological community with the aim of further development of manufacture and industries based on high technologies.
The Forum will give an opportunity to use scientific potential in fundamental research works and engineering targeted at perfection and extension of the list of competitive products in the field of ray technologies and complexes.

RayForm+ 2006 will assist in search for reliable partners for joint projects, distributors of modern equipment, engineers and innovators in the field of electronic and ray technologies. The organizing team of the Forum RayForm+2006 is pleased to invite companies and enterprises specialized in electronic ray technologies and equipment, engineering, manufacture and modernization of multipurpose ray installations, interested in the industry development, promotion of products to the market and establishing new partnership.
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