MIT open courseware

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MIT open courseware

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The MIT Holographic Imaging course, first taught in spring 2003 and now part of the MIT Open Courseware initiative, is featured here: ... ay-syllabi

Here is a direct link to the course, itself: ... /index.htm
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Re: MIT open courseware

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Great find! Maybe we should form a study group to do the problem sets!
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Re: MIT open courseware

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Problem set #1, Question 2:
Q. What precautions should you take when working around the types of lasers we use
in class? What laser class are they? What are the do's and don'ts? What are the potential
threats or risks

A. Do not look at laser with remaining eye. Do not point laser at people outside the lab. people may get the wrong idea when a red dot appears on their body (this is especially important for passing cops).

Question 3:
Q. You’re exposing a hologram in the holography lab, and you hear the crashing
sound of breaking glass coming from the darkroom?
What should you do?

A. Mop up as much of the beer/wine as you can.
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