Holography Consultation/Installation Job Offer

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Holography Consultation/Installation Job Offer

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Dear Talented and Experienced Holographers,

My name is Michael Wais and my friend Christine and I are planning on having a holographic art installation with a hologram-related concert in San Diego. We could use all the help we can get.

We were considering that the artists for the installation may create their own holograms themselves, but what we really needed help with was a holography-related concert that would occur in the middle of the event. The concert would have a Joy Division cover-band that we'd create play. The band would be named "Ritual", after the Joy Division song. Ritual would ultimately be a live-based act, as we'd display a holographic projection of a ouija board that would be a prerecorded video recording in front of the band. Behind the scenes, we'd pick a handful of people we know personally who we could pay to move their hands in the same direction as the planchette in the holographic video recording of the ouija board. The planchette would spell out certain Joy Division song titles and the band would follow suit by playing each song spelled out on the recorded hologram.

I really loved all of the prior experience you've all had with holography. I was hoping I could hire those of you who are available to please help with consultation and/or other kinds of assistance for the event. We are open to any of you working remotely if you cannot come to San Diego to assist us, and we will pay you for a reasonable amount of consultation and/or technical support related to the event.

Will you please help us with the holograms for the concert at our event? We're planning on having the event all prepared and scheduled before November 30, 2019 (at the very latest) in order to give ourselves enough time to set it up.

I'd be really honored if some of us could work together! You're all extremely talented!

If interested and ready to work, please e-mail me at michaelernestwais@gmail.com .

Thanks for reading this message and Happy Holidays!

-Michael Wais
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Re: Holography Consultation/Installation Job Offer

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I assume since december you were told or discovered that the technology you’re referring to is not holography :-) ?

You are looking for a video projector on a transparent screen / sheet of plastic. Reflectogram somehow :-)
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