DCG emulsion formulation for 488nm?

Dichromated Gelatin.
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DCG emulsion formulation for 488nm?

Post by pluto » Wed Dec 13, 2017 12:43 am

Hi all,

Sorry if this has been covered on the forums, but I couldn't find any info about the best DCG formulation to use for 488nm light.

I did find this:
Joe Farina wrote:When exposing at 457nm, I had good luck with 3-30-200, especially after it aged for several weeks in the refrigerator.
Would this be applicable to 488nm as well? DCG is about 8 times less sensitive to 532nm than 457nm, but the amount of dichromate is only halved (assuming 532nm formula of 6-30-200).

Would extrapolating from this be a valid approach?

457nm DCG sensitivity = 25mJ/cm^2 - 3-30-200
488nm DCG sensitivity = 60mJ/cm^2 - ?-30-200
532nm DCG sensitivity = 200mJ/cm^2 - 6-30-200

175mJ/cm^2 / 3 grams of dichromate = 0.017 grams of dichromate per mJ/cm^2 of sensitivity decrease.

0.017g dichromate per mJ/cm^2 * (60mJ/cm^2 - 25mJ/cm^2) = 0.595 grams of dichromate

Maybe 3.6-30-200 would be a sensible formulation for 488nm?

I'd love to hear what people are actually using for their 488nm lasers. In the meantime I'll go ahead with 3.6-30-200 and see what happens.