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Beginner's Corner

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Modern Beginner's Kit
#Buy the ''Shoebox Holography'' book. With that as a guide (or the equivalent information scoured from the Internet) acquire a suitable laser, holographic film, and chemicals and have at it.
#Acquire one of the kits available from [ Integraf]. (Film is more difficult to work with than glass plates, so the Standard or Student Kit is much preferred over the Budget Kit.)
#Acquire a diffent different type of kit from [ Litiholo].
For the truly novice holographer, the Litiholo kit is a a bit of an oddity. With it, you can produce your first, interesting hologram. The kit comes with 20 plates, so there is plenty of opportunity for experimentation and the inevitable failure. Be aware, though, it is a self-contained unit. The holographic plates are self-developing, and the configuration is limited to the setups the kit intended.

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