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Beginner's Corner

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Modern Beginner's Kit
For the mildly curious individual or the elementary school aged child, the Litiholo kit is fabulous. For the slightly experienced holographer, it is good, if for nothing else than the exposure to polymer photo-materials. For the true beginner, though, it is a little like buying a TV dinner because you wanted to learn to cook. There is not enough "participation" to engage the beginner.
Of the remaining two choices, simply buying a kit from Integraf saves you all the hassle of acquiring the parts individually. Plus you end up with a higher quality laser than what you would get from an ordinary laser pointer. Some laser pointers have stability issues that may be unnoticeable in normal use, but disastrous in holography.
The information that comes with the Integraf kit, or the identical [ material available from the Integraf web site], or similar articles online, or from texts like the ''Shoebox Holography'' book, covers what to do next. Not much to it, really.

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