What is a Wiki?

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A Wiki is really a large scratch pad that is edited by a collective. Wikis can be completely public or completely private. The HoloWiki can be viewed by all but only edited by registered users. At any time any page on a Wiki can be edited by any user. The software logs all edits and an editor can look back to older revisions in order to save deleted information or have it for reference during an edit.

The word Wiki is from the Hawiian language where wiki wiki means quickly.

Feel free to edit any page that is not an author specific article. Any author specific articles should have comments put into the discussion link at the top of the page. This will allow the author to make the edits. This is a professional courtesy to our authors that have spent considerable time writing an article.

Also, I intend to have the biographies be a place where a holographer represents themselves. Please do not use them to review their work. If we need a place to review work we can make a new section.